About Us

The Bolivian Association for Research and Conservation of Amazonian Andean Ecosystems - ACEAA has been  working with local communities  since 2004, in the conservation of biodiversity in the Bolivian Amazon, generating biological information for more than 400,000 acres within the TCO Tacana II and National Park Madidi including analysis of endangered species, descriptions of floristic  compositions  of forests, savannas and records of flora and fauna, including  successful self-monitoring processes of hunting and fishing for subsistence. In parallel, we have generated management plans for more than 200,000 hectares benefiting a large number of indigenous and intercultural families.

All research and natural resource management are complemented by organizational strengthening  of the members of the beneficiary communities. Training processes in this area resulted in better management of the area of influence of the National Wildlife Reserve Manuripi and Madidi National Park.